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 ✿ Director and head-cook and bottle washer behind most of the projects at Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work is Odilia Galván Rodríguez who says, her bio would take up too much room here so suffice it to say she is the author of several volumes of poetry, has served as a community/labor organizer - activist, a journalist, writer, editor, workshop facilitator, and an all around mover and shaker. (Which means she gets to do a lot of work which keeps her feeling young and happy.) ✿ 

Odilia's collaborators over the years have been many and she would love to take a moment to thank a few of them here. She says, to all the people who've loved me and/or broken my heart - I got lots of poems out of those highs and lows, so gracias. 

Tlazocamati to all my relations, artivist familia, and friends. Foremost to my son Hawk, my daughter Rose Marie, to Angel, all my neices,  nephews and god children who have been some of my best supporters and collaborators.  Big love to the late and great maestro, Francisco X. Alarcón, I miss your smile and laugh so much! A special gracias to the maesro's partner, Javier Pinzon, whom I've been working with quite a bit over the past two years, since his passing, on projects for the Franciso X. Alarcón Literary Arts Foundation

Big shout out and hugs to my sister Lakota Harden who co-dreamt Wakiyan-Ehecatl a women's creative writing circle that met in Berkeley back in the '80's; same to Jane Norling, Miranda Bergman, Juana Alicia, and of course the late Gail Dolgin, for bringing women together to share our love of art that heals, and speaks to the powers that be about injustice. Also, that another world is possible if people just listen to their compassionate hearts and act with love.

There are so many more people to thank, all my workshop participants over the years. To folks who've believed in me, published my work, invited me in, brought me along,  and yes, given me paying gigs -- Woohoo!  Here are some of the few:

Grazie Meg Withers, Richard Loya, Avotcja, Jolaoso Pretty Thunder, Yaya Maldonado, Robin Carstensen, Sarah Raphael Garcia, Carolyn Brandy, Em Sedano, Juan Felipe Herrera, Cherríe Moraga, Tom Murphy, Joseph Ross, Sarah Browning, Pam Uschuk, Francisco Aragon, Poetas del Nuevo Sol, and last but never least, Edward Vidaurre, Sharon Elliott, Sonia Gutiérrez and all the other amazing 
moderators that have contributed over the years on the Poets Responding project on Facebook. To All The Poets ~ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ ღ!




The latest projects being taken up by Red Earth and Prickly Pear Publishing: a new print journal titled Anacua Literary Arts Journal. You can find out more about the call for submissions hereRed Earth Productions & Cultural Work Submittable Page.  There is also a call for Water Poems for a new anthology titled, Watersongs to honor the water protectors everywhere. 

Water is Life
Mni Wiconi
Agua Es Vida


We also collaborate with Cloud Women's Dream Society who does good works in the indigenous women's communities from around the world, puts on women's gatherings and shares information about the strength of women in supportive circcles. One of their projects is putting out a valuable, almost quaterly on-line journal. You can find out more about the Cloud Women's Quarterly Journal in the call for submissions page. Click on the link to the Red Earth Submittable page to the left.

<------------- ♡ 

You can read the latest edition of the Journal here:



You Can't Drink Oil

No Pipelines

No Fracking

No Nukes 

Save MotherEarth ~ Save Ourselves


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A poem a day for thirty days... Take the challenge! Check back here as Prickly Pear Publishing just might be offering a daily writing prompt. If not, you can find one for sure here:                          Happy Writing! (✿◕‿◕)

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Sometimes we write in English, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in other languages as well. Join the conversation as we explore the dynamics of language, culture and the art of literary creation.

A veces escribimos en inglés, a veces en español y a veces en otros lenguajes. Acompáñanos en esta exploración sobre la dinámica del lenguaje, la cultura y la creación literaria.

You can find podcasts on-line here on the 
Corazón Bilingüe website.  

Check back for writing workshop dates to be announced soon. 

11th Annual VIPF Apr. 26--29, 2018 . . . anthology submissions (through March 23) Registration: Early/Regular/Late: Now Open!​
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