Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work 2017

Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work was the brainchild of Odilia Galván Rodíguez back in 1980.  She wanted to create an organization that would bring people together to collaborate on community arts projects that would bring joy to people who are also involved in making the world a better place for everyone through social justice activism. These projects take the form of workshops, happenings, events, salons, reading series in cafe's, restaurants, or people's homes. Anyplace it is safe to gather to share creative endeavors in the form of writing, visual art, theater, music, photography or just gathering. Many collaborations have taken place since the '80's and they continue here in this virtual place as well as all the places that will join in.

Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work 
Publishing Partners

Prickly Pear Publishing and Nopalli Press publish the works of people who don't traditionally have access to the mainstream publishing world. In 2017 Prickly Pear will be publish three full sized collections of poetry, and Nopalli Press, two chapbooks. We collaborate with guest editors who are savvy as to what makes for a good poetry collection and we also train folks interested in learning the craft of editing.  Currently we are not soliciting new manuscripts but check back here for 2018. You can also email us if you have a book that's all ready to go and you just can't wait until we put out the call.

Who We Are

Creative Writing ~ Poetry and Fiction in all it's guises 

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